What are Nutrilock® Hydroxy Minerals?


Hydroxy Minerals are a distinct class of trace minerals made up of chloride, oxygen, and hydrogen covalently bound to an element such as Copper, Zinc and Manganese.

What makes them different from other mineral sources?


Hydroxy Minerals minerals have consistently been proven to be more bioavailable and biologically effective compared to sulfates and oxides.


In addition, Hydroxy Minerals have consistently been proven to be as bio-equivalent or better than Organic Trace Minerals (OTMs), at a fraction of the cost.


Hydroxy Minerals are significantly higher in active ingredient content, requiring less space in a diet than OTMs and sulfates.


Hydroxy Minerals are less reactive than ionically bound sulfates and carbonates, which helps with the stability of other nutrients and a healthy rumen environment.


Hydroxy Minerals can completely replace lower quality sources like sulfate and oxides in diet formulations, where OTMs are unable due to dietary space and cost limitations.

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