More than 30 years of Research and Experience

Chemlock was founded by former Executives and Chemists from 2 of the largest Cobalt, Copper, and Chromium manufacturers in the world.

The strong management team includes Chemists from M.I.T. and Former VPs from Fortune 1000 Companies, aggregating over 20 years in the elemental science and trace minerals space.

Chemlock's core competence is using innovative chemistry to problem-solve your animal health and nutrition challenges, while simultaneously reducing your feed costs.

 Our core business is divided into two parts :

  1. USA based production of Chromium, Cobalt and Selenium.
  2. Provider of elite trace mineral and elemental science based ingredients.

 Our partnerships span several continents. More and more customers continue to make #TheSwitch to Chemlock for two main reasons:

  1. Each of our essential ingredients and specialty additives come out of one singular facility, to maintain consistency, safety, and ChemlockQuality.
  2. Chemlock focuses on helping the customer before helping ourselves.